Welcome to Truth Events, a focal point for events designed to bring truth forth into the light for further examination so truth that serves all emerges from the global gestalt.  Truth is elusive, “the truth” non-existent for we have 7 almost 8 billion souls holding their own piece of the elephant of reality.  Best we can do is consensus reality and ultimately, hopefully, we seek one that is not evil (disrespects consciousness), that serves ALL for the best, highest good (GodSource) and not one that serves few at the expense of many.

Conspiracy means: A secret plan or agreement formulated by two or more persons to perform together an illegal, harmful, wrongful, subversive or treacherous act, esp with political motivation; plot. There are plenty of conspirators out there conspiring for their own benefit at the expense of others. No doubt.  What to do?

Here, at Truth Events, we visit, examine, explore, analyze, debate, agree and hopefully emerge with clearing understanding and agreement on what we can agree to ultimately live with.  Until then, the few rule the many and we don’t really have a voice.

Here you may advertise and promote your events for FREE.  We do ask that you go to our donate button and contribute to this cause, the cause of truth and freedom for humanity. Truth sets us all free, even those who would enslave us.

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Do, when you can, volunteer your time, energy, money, self for ultimately we free ourselves and the world and perhaps even, the galaxy and the universe. We come to contribute to the evolution of consciousness for sentient life. Each does their part in the course of life and existence and together, we build upon the shoulders of giants who’ve come before us and when we transition, leave behind our legacy, hopefully, one that inspire future generations so much that they admire and build upon what we do here and now for the continuous cycle of life that weaves throughout eternity.

Namaste ~