You may create a basic listing for your event here for free. Donations are always appreciated. The recommended donation for a basic listing is $5 – $25.

If you want a larger, banner ad, sizes are as follows:

Options: Banner Ads
1. Large = $350/month
2. Medium = $250/month
3. Small = $150/month
4. Text Ad = $100/month

Special Offers:

Offer 1: Buy a banner ad for 3 months, paying for 3 months in advance, and receive one Text ad for 3 months.
Offer 2: Buy a banner ad for 6 months, paying for 6 months in advance, and receive two Text ads for 6 months.
Offer 3: Buy a text ad for 3 months, paying for 3 months in advance, and receive one Text ad for 1 month.


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