Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens


July 1st, 2013

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Aliens are among us, walk among us, have been here for hundreds of thousands of years. We are they. They are us.

Truth Events features many events that explore ancient aliens and their impact on humanity and the evolution of consciousness.  With the use of satellite and sonar, we now discover and uncover more ruins of ancient cities and anomalies than ever before.  History’s being rewritten continually.  History books are outdated before they’re published. The internet propels knowledge, information instantly disseminated, examined, debated, continuously propelling us ever faster towards consciousness and awareness of things never before perceived or possibly anticipated.  We are on the verge of a golden age unlike any ever before.

While often things feel chaotic, out of chaos springs order. Life’s cyclical and we learn by examining the past and hope to do better with each succeeding generation. Our ancestors came from the stars, seeded from the Universe, the spark of life spread throughout the cosmos guided here to create us. We are beings of evolution, intervention, creationism with a dash of magic thrown in to make it interesting.

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